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How To Freeze Fage Yogurt

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Fage Yogurt is a variety of Greek Yogurt which was first produced by the Fillippou family. Today fage yogurt is supplied world wide. This yogurt is thick and creamy and it comes in various flavors like strawberry and blueberry. By freezing fage yogurt, it can be enjoyed anytime of the year. By freezing fage yogurt bacteria will become inactive and this helps to preserve the yogurt and prevent spoilage.

Below are the steps to follow for freezing fage yogurt;

First step to freeze fage yogurt is you can put the unopened fage yogurt container in the freezer directly an unopened container is safe to freeze.

An opened container of Fage yogurt should be transferred into a freezer proof container. If a large container of yogurt is purchased, you won't be able to eat it all in one sitting. You can keep leftovers in a container meant for use at low temperatures.

When you are ready to eat the yogurt, it can be removed from the freezer. Frozen yogurt can be eaten as it is like a frozen dessert or you can let it melt and eat it as you normally would. 

When Fage yogurt begins to unfreeze, its appearance and texture may change slightly but this is perfectly normal. 

Yogurt should not be heated for any reason because high temperatures will kill the bacteria in the Fage yogurt. 

Current date can be written on the container to keep a track of freshness of the yogurt. 

Fage yogurt stays fresh for upto one month. 

The above steps can be followed to freeze fage yogurt. 

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How To Freeze Fage Yogurt