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How To Can Vegetables In Glass Jars

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Pickling and getting to can vegetables in a glass jar is a cost effective way of preserving vegetables. The process of canning vegetables is easy and will actually provide you with a much healthier option when it comes to preserved vegetables. The nutritional value also gets enhanced in certain cases, especially if you happen to can vegetables within a day or two of pickling them. It is important to learn how to can vegetables in glass jars before you hope to compete with the neighborhood grocery store. The steps involved in canning vegetables are not arduous and can be tackled with inordinate ease.


  • You need to wash all the containers for storage thoroughly as you initiate the process of canning vegetables.

  • All the produces are required to be cleaned thoroughly as well with their skins removed along with the pips and seeds in order to can vegetables effectively.

  • Next comes packing the glass jar to the brim with the vegetables, an integral part that cannot be avoided as you learn to can vegetables.

  • Tightening the lid on each jar is imperative too in order to prevent accidental spillage of water.

  • The rack required to can vegetables is then placed within a pressure cooker with the pot filled up to 2 inches with boiling water.

  • Next comes placing the jars within the canning rack and the pressure cooker lid is firmly closed.

  • It is also important to remember and let the steam ventilate for a few minutes while you continue to can vegetables.

  • Starting the timer will also help you to regulate the heat as well as maintain the proper pressure as you can vegetables.

  • The only thing left to do now is to wait for the timer to go off before removing the pressure cooker from the flame.

  • The lid of the pressure cooker can be removed after the pressure drops to zero and the jars can then be removed from the confines of the cooker.

  • The canned jars full of vegetable preserves are ready now and needs to be cooled which can be achieved by placing them on a cooling rack.


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How To Can Vegetables In Glass Jars