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How To Store Fresh Truffle Mushrooms For Longer Durations

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Truffle mushrooms is often referred to as haute cuisine for its taste and of course their price, it’s worth more than its weight in gold. So if you have got some fresh truffle mushrooms which you do not intend to use immediately, then, you should know how to store fresh truffle mushroom for longer duration because if you don’t store them immediately then it will not be too long before you spoil your prized mushroom.


Though truffle mushroom is a form of magic mushroom, it is legal to eat but storing truffle mushroom is illegal as it produces hallucinogenic compound. So check out the laws in your country before you prepare to store fresh truffle mushrooms.


Since truffle mushrooms are prized for its smell, the aroma needs to be preserved while storing. Any traces of ammonia smell indicate that the mushroom has started decaying and should be consumed at the earliest. Storing truffle mushrooms thus requires careful handling. Follow below steps to ensure that your prized mushrooms remain fresh until you eat them.


  1. As truffle mushrooms grow under the soil near roots of big trees, they have to be washed thoroughly to get rid of all soil and dirt.
  2. Pat dry each mushroom individually as even the slightest moisture can cause the truffle mushroom to rot immediately.
  3. After washing fresh truffle mushrooms, either scrape them with a knife or a basting brush. Mushrooms should be impeccable before they are stored.
  4. For storing truffle mushrooms for a long time, you would need a freeze proof glass. Place the truffles in it after cleaning properly and they can be stored for upto 6 months.
  5. Once the truffles are defrosted, they cannot be re-frozen, so use them as early as possible.
  6. However many expert chefs do not recommend storing truffle mushroom for more than 15 days because the truffles taste best when eaten fresh.


It is always recommended to buy truffle mushrooms when there is a need because even the haute cuisine chefs sometimes fail to preserve fresh truffle mushrooms. So as far as possible buy them on the day you want to use or store them only for maximum of 3 days if you want to taste real fresh truffle mushrooms


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How To Store Fresh Truffle Mushrooms For Longer Durations