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How To Store Vanilla Pods At Home

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Vanilla pods, or beans, are the most commonly used flavoring agent in pastry kitchens, and you can easily store vanilla pods at home.

Vanilla beans or pods, though mostly used in preparation of cakes and other sweet confectionary items,  can be used for pork chops or for adding flavor to risotto.








It is also very important to select healthy vanilla beans before you store them in your home.

The selection is very easy to make as you have to pick pods which are long, moist and plump. These beans have a stronger vanilla flavor and can be stored for a longer time. For storing Vanilla pods, you need-

Air tight container

Vanilla pods

Process to store vanilla pods

  • Take the airtight container. Make sure it does not have drops of water and is perfectly clean.
  • Put the beans in the container.
  • Tightly close the lid.
  • Keep the stored vanilla pods in a dark and cool place.
  • Make sure that the vanilla pods are protected from any heat or light.
  • After storing, check the beans in every two months by drying and restoring in the same way.

The stored vanilla pods can be used for up to two years. However, if the instructions are not followed properly, stored vanilla pods might lose their flavor and become bland.

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How To Store Vanilla Pods At Home