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How To Freeze Black Olives For Later Use

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Since, black olives are considered to be the best olives; I always make it a point to freeze black olives in my refrigerator. Black olives are not only good for the skin, they also have anti-fungal, anti bacterial and anti-oxidant properties and consuming black olives also helps to boost our immune system.














Everyone in my family is fond of black olives and therefore I purchase them in bulk and store them for a prolonged use. This not only ensures me the right kind of nutrition preserved in my freezer but also enables me to strike the best bargain.

This is how I freeze black olives easily at  home.

  • Get olives from a nearby convenience store.
  • Put them in a strainer.
  • Let some cold water flow on them, so as to remove any dirt or impurity from their surface.
  • Take a plastic container and slowly put all the olives in it.
  • Do not fill the container completely.
  • Take a cup of cold water and pour on the black olives, in the container.
  • Now freeze the black olives overnight.
  • Next day, take out the frozen olives and defrost them.
  • After defrosting, place the olives in an airtight jar.
  • Place the jar in the freezer and now you have black olives preserved for months to come.

 Frozen black olives remain good for a period of six months and you can use them either for seasoning or making marinades.

Here is one of my favorite sandwich recipes with black olives-

Delicious black olive pesto sandwich- It is a yummy sandwich preparation made of black olives, cashew nuts, pepper and basil leaves. This sandwich is especially liked by children.


4 bread slices


2 cheese slices

1Tomato cut in slices

Black olives cut into half

5 Cashew nuts

Few basil leaves

4 tbsp. Olive oil

Salt and pepper


Grind cashew nuts, basil leaves, along with olive oil, salt and pepper (according to taste) and make a fine paste.

Add the black olives and mix well. Keep the paste aside.

Take the bread slices.

Trim the sides with a scissor or a knife.

Spread butter on the slices.

Spread olive pesto on one slice.

Top it with a cheese slice and then tomato slices and finally with an already butterd bread slice .

Repeat the process with other 2 slices.

Your yummy black olive pesto sandwich is ready.



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How To Freeze Black Olives For Later Use