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How To Store Vanilla Pods For Later Use

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Learn how to store vanilla pods for later use when you need them for cooking some of your favorite recipes! You need to store vanilla pods just like spices because just like all other cooking ingredients, these too have a very short shelf life. If you are able to store these pods in the right way, they shall stay fresh for as long as two years and even more.


Storing vanilla pods in the right way is important or else you will find that they are not fit for use when you actually need them. If you do not know how to store vanilla pods, here are a few tips which shall help you.           


When you realize that you have to store vanilla pods, you have to first get the right container, in which you shall store them. The container needs to have a very tightly sealed, so that it is completely airtight. To check the container, you can pour some water into it when it is empty and close the lid. Turn the lid upside down and check if there is any water leakage. If there is no leakage, it means, you have found just the right container to store vanilla pods.


Ensure that the container is clean and dry before you pour in all the pods. If there is even little bit of water or dampness in the container, it shall spoil all the vanilla pods. To be doubly sure about the dryness of the container, you can wipe the interiors of the container with a soft dry cloth, so that it is completely dry. This is the most recommended way of storing vanilla pods.     


These containers, in which you store vanilla pods, should be placed in a cool and dark place. Do not place them near your stove or any place which receives direct heat. Do not keep them under direct lights or even under the sun. This is because when these pods are exposed to excess light or heat, it shall cause the pods to get spoilt as they dry up. You can store them in dark corners inside the cabinet or shelf. In case you are not able to find such a dark and dry place for storing vanilla pods, you can wrap them up in a black thick cotton wrap and store them in a cupboard. This shall help to store the vanilla pods well.


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How To Store Vanilla Pods For Later Use