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How To Store Cake Yeast

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It is important to know how to store cake yeast, especially for those people who use yeast in their recipes very often, but do not have the time to rush to the market every time to get cake yeast. Learn to store cake yeast in the right way so that  it remains completely fit to be used whenever you wish, without hassles. Storing cake yeast is not much a problem, because it is usually sold in its solid form, wrapped neatly in small cakes and is not sold in its powdered form, which makes it easy to store.

Store cake yeast in the right way or else it won’t work in your chosen recipe. Here is the easiest way to store this yeast.

  • Start the process by wrapping the cake yeast in a plastic wrap. If you have bought the yeast, in its original wrapper, then do not through it away, as it can be used in wrapping the yeast.
  • Once you have wrapped the yeast well and tightly, you can place it in an airtight container. Choose the airtight container size  for storing cake yeast, as per the quantity of yeast you have. However, you have to check that the seal of the container is tight enough and allows no air to go inside the container.
  • The best place to store this airtight container is in the refrigerator. If you stay in a place which enjoys very cool climate, you can keep the cake yeast outside also, but ensure that the place is dry and free from moisture. Dampness shall spoil the yeast. When you are putting the airtight container inside your refrigerator, you have to ensure that the temperature of the refrigerator is less than 45 degree F.
  • If you plan to store cake yeast, for a longer period of time, you have to put the container inside a zipper bag and put it inside the freezer and do not take out the container, until you use it. In such a case the cake yeast can be used for several weeks.
  • In case you plan to use it within a few weeks, you just need to place it in your refrigerator rack. This shall ensure that your yeast stays fresh for a long time.


  • It is important that you check the label of the cake yeast, when you wish to store it for a very long period. Check the ‘use by’ section on the label, so that you know by when the cake yeast needs to be used so that it can be enjoyed to its most.


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How To Store Cake Yeast