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How to store Spanish cheeses

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Spain has more than 100 varieties of cheeses, from fermented and blue-veined to fresh and cured, and each one of them has its own specialty depending on the region it is produced. But the storage technique is more or less the same. This article will talk about How To Store Spanish Cheeses.

Storing Spanish cheese is a four-step process, which includes rinsing, freezing, storing in oil and wrapping.

Step 1: If you have bought cured cheese in bulk, it is suggested to thoroughly rinse and dry cheese. Take a large pot with enough water to rinse the Spanish cheese. Then, take a small vegetable brush and scrub the cheese and remove it from water. Use kitchen towel to dry it thoroughly.

Step 2: Once wash the cheese with fresh water, and cut the Spanish cheeses into pieces and freeze it. Not all cheeses are frozen. For example cured cheeses,  is not recommended to be frozen, if it is meant for preserving.

Step 3: If you want to store whole wheels of cured cheeses, keep it in a jar with oil and refrigerate it. If you have already cut the pieces, keep it in a jar with oil, but don’t seal it airtight. You can close the jar with a piece of waxed paper and a rubber band, and put it in refrigerator.

Step 4: Cheese must never be wrapped in an aluminum foil. To store Spanish cheeses, use plastic wraps and store them in the refrigerator’s lower part. You can also keep it in a cool, dry room, where temperature ranges between 5-15 degrees Celsius.

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How To Store Spanish Cheeses