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How To Store Curry Paste

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Curry paste is one of the wonders of the Asian kitchen. They are used in various Indian and Thai dishes and are known for imparting a distinct flavor to the dish. If you learn how to store curry paste at home, then cooking Asian dishes that use curry paste will become less time consuming and more enjoyable and easy. This way you can also impress your guests and family with impromptu dishes where the main ingredient is the curry paste.

What is Curry paste?


For those who don’t know what curry paste is, it is a simple smooth and spicy paste made from different kind of ingredients like ginger, garlic and other choice of spices, herbs or vegetables.

The ingredients change depending on the type of paste you are making and they are mostly used in Indian and Thai cuisine. Thai green or red curry paste, Madras curry paste, Gujarat masala curry paste, Korma curry paste or even Tikka curry paste are all various kinds of curry pastes. So, in short, curry paste refers to a wide variety of pastes including many different ingredients and it is quintessential in determining the flavor of the dish. Curry pastes are usually used as marinades or even added to vegetable and meat when it is being cooked.


How to store Curry Paste?

Once you have made the curry paste according to the recipe, empty it into a glass container that has a air tight lid.

Using a spoon stir the curry paste and then press it down into the container such that there are no air bubbles caught up in the paste.

Now screw on the lid and ensure that it is closed tightly. Remember that you should shorten the exposure of the paste with air as much as possible, so pack it into glass jars as soon as they are made. If exposed to air for long, chances are that the paste won’t last as long as it is supposed to! This is why I am stressing on an airtight lid.


The sealed jar of curry paste will stay in your refrigerator for up to four weeks. In case you have to use some for your dish, then remove the required amount and seal and return the bottle to the refrigerator immediately

Ready-made curry paste is also available in the market and they can also be stored in the refrigerators for up to 6 weeks.


If you want to store your curry paste for longer than a month then you can freeze 2-3 tbsp of the paste in small plastic containers, cover and seal and then freeze them. They will stay well for up to 3 months


You can also mix your curry pastes with mayonnaise or yogurt to make an interesting dip.

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How To Store Curry Paste