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How To Store Popped Popcorn?

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Don’t know what to do with the huge lot of leftover popped popcorns? Store it! However, the way you store the popped popcorns is important because improper storing may make it stale. Here are a few simple tips on how to store popped popcorns so that they remain fresh and you enjoy it the same way you did it at the first time.

Things you need: To store popped popcorn, you will need an airtight container, a zipping bag and a refrigerator.

Method 1: Take a zipping bag and place the popped popcorn in it and reseal it. Some people consider it safe and fresh to keep the zipping bags in the refrigerators. If you think it appropriate too, store it in the fridge, else keep the bag in a cool, dry storage place like a shelf or a cabinet.

Method 2: Take an airtight container and remove all moisture from it with a piece of dry cloth. If possible, keep the jar in the sun to remove all moisture. Pour the remaining popped popcorns in the jar and close it. Keep it in a dry place.

Method 3: If you have bought the bags of popped popcorn in bulk and did not open it yet, store them as-it-is. Unopened popped popcorn can last a maximum of three months. Opened popcorns, if stored properly, can stay fresh as much as two weeks.

So next time, when you have your kid’s friends at home, you need not have to rush to make something for them to munch, simply open the airtight container or zipping seal bag and serve fresh popped popcorns with chilled cold drinks – an all-time favorite of your young ones.

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How To Store Popped Popcorn?