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How to Store Fresh Basil

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This article will give you the key tips on how to store fresh basil. When you purchase fresh basil and you want to keep it fresh as well as fragrant for several days or even weeks you must not store it inside the refrigerator. Basil leaves begin to lose their spicy sweet flavor and they keep turning black quickly upon storing inside the refrigerator. The best way to store basil leaves is to put them in ajar filled with water.


  • Take a jar or a stout vase and fill it with about 3 or 4 inches of tepid tap water.


  • When you harvest fresh basil from a garden try pulling off longer stems rather than pinching a few leaves only. Bring the stems indoor and dip them into the jar of water immediately. While doing this you must see to it that the stems are completely submerged in water else, you must add more water to the jar.


  • If you buy fresh basil from a grocery shop you should remove it packaging as soon as you buy it. Then, you should trim the ends of the stems of basil before you submerge them in water. By doing this you increase the ability of the basil stems to take up adequate amount of water.


  • After the basil stems are put inside the jars, they must be placed in a cool place out of the reach of direct sunlight. The basil may droop initially, but it will perk up within 12 hours.  The water of the jar should be changed on an everyday basis. If you store basil in this manner it will remain fresh for weeks. In fact, when the stems are left in water, they eventually root and can be replanted in a pot or in the garden.

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How To Store Fresh Basil