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How To Store Soups And Stews At Home

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Ideally we all store soups and stews at home, we make huge quantity and preserve them for eating them in several meals. They are so tasty and healthy that we tend to store even a cup full of leftover soup or stew. A quick guide to storing soups and stews at home will enable storing them safely for future use.


Always store soup and stew in refrigerator. It can remain fresh for about three days. For a longer storage time, it has to be placed inside the freezer of your refrigerator.


Soups should always be stored in an airtight container to prevent spilling. The container should be free of air which is responsible for spoiling the soup.


Soups and stews should be cooled before placing them inside the refrigerator. If it is hot, then place the soup container it in an ice bath or cold water bath and make sure it is cool while refrigerating.


For storing soups and stews for more than three days, pour it into a plastic bag and freeze. Use different plastic bags to store in portions if you want to use the soup for a number of meals. This will save you from restoring soups and stews after every use.


Always use containers and plastic bags that are re-sealable. You may need to keep the container back into the refrigerator.


Storing soups and stews at home saves you time and energy that would otherwise go towards cooking them everyday. By knowing how to store soups and stews at home enables you to keep your soup handy for eating.


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How To Store Soups And Stews At Home