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How To Keep Food Fresh While Camping

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If you are planning a weekend getaway and going for camping, one thing that you may be worrying about is 'how to keep food fresh while camping'. Read our brief guide to keep food fresh while camping and enjoy your favourite food out there sitting in the wilderness.  


Keep Food Fresh While Camping


-Backpacking camping offers lesser options for keeping the food fresh as compared to the car camping. Car camping allows you the freedom of choosing take away food from a variety  of options. With backpacking, one cannot carry luggage beyond a certain limit and ice coolers add to the luggage.


-Know the proper way to store your food as most of the times the food gets spoiled because it is not stored properly.


-Store your food in a manner that it doesn’t get direct sunlight and is not placed over a moist area. Even products that do not require refrigeration, needs to be stored away from direct sunlight and moisture.


-Dont keep breads, crackers, cold cereals, apples, chocolates, bananas, ketchup, oil, mustard sauce etc in a hot car as the quality of these foods would get ruined. Also,  keep the packets of dry pasta, uncooked cereals, rice etc away from direct sunlight and moisture.


-If you can spend  some extra bucks, buy a RV or pop-up camper which has a refrigerator. 


-Make sure that any food which is perishable is stored in a cooler and make sure that the cooler is always stocked with ice. Examples of the same are yoghurt, milk, meat, fresh juices etc.


-If you are planning on camping for more than one day, you can try using dry ice. As dry ice is very cold, do not put milk, eggs, yoghurt or cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables next to it as they might freeze.


-Bring 2-3 coolers with you. One can be used to store less perishable items like rolls and bread. Make sure that this cooler doesn’t have ice and is kept away from sunlight and is kept out of a hot car. Perishable foods like pasta, meats need to be well refrigerated so use ice or dry ice based on for how long you are planning to go camping .  An ice chest can be used for keeping drinks, juices etc. A fourth box can be used to store canned food.


-Make sure that all your coolers have locks on them and store your coolers in the car during the night so that the food doesn’t attract any squirrels, racoons, birds etc.


-Restock the coolers with fresh ice, if you have the option available for doing so, near your campsite.


Follow this guide to keep food fresh while camping and you can rest assured that you can now enjoy your favourite food at camping without worrying about your food getting spoilt. 


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How To Keep Food Fresh While Camping