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How To Store Salads With Vinegar

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My mother would often add vinegar to salads and I thought it is just for enhancing its taste. Some years later, when I was learning to cook, I realized that this is a technique  to store salads for a longer time. The acidic properties of vinegar help preserve the taste and flavors of the veggies and enhance the shelf life of the salad. This is one of the easiest ways of keeping salads healthy and fresh.


Here are the steps of storing salad with vinegar:

You should start the process by putting the salad in a large bowl along with vinegar sprinkled over it.


Once you have put the salad in the bowl, you need to cover it up. Snap the lid of the bowl, if the bowl has a lid of its own. If the bowl does not have a lid, you can use a plastic wrap or a foil, so that the ingredients in the bowl are well covered. The plastic wrap and foil acts as the lid in such a case. You just have to ensure that the salad is covered. There is another reason also to keep it like this– if you do not cover the salad well, the smell of the vinegar from the bowl, is going to spread and it shall affect the rest of the foods which are stored in the refrigerator.


Once, you have covered the salad well, put it inside the refrigerator. You might argue that vinegar is acidic – so does it actually require refrigeration? There are vegetables in the salad and they will not remain fresh for long if they are kept outside. If you refrigerate the salad, you can be assured that it is going to stay fresh for at least 3 days.


Here are some more tips on storing salads:

  • If you really wish to keep the salad fresh for more than three days, you should use fresh vegetables. The fresher the vegetables are, the better they shall stay.
  • Try not to use ingredients like tomatoes which usually get smudgy very soon.
  • If you find that salad making is impossible without such ingredients, then try to make larger slices of such vegetables, because smaller pieces tend to become mushier quickly.
  • Vinegar adds to the taste of the salad – so, even if you do not wish to store salads for many days, you can still use vinegar.
  • Always store salad in a very large bowl so that the ingredients do not get cramped together. It shall cause them to stick to one another. 


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How To Store Salads With Vinegar