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How To Keep Banana Pudding From Turning Black

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Banana Pudding is great to taste provided it has that fresh appealing look. If you have been struggling to find out how to keep banana pudding from turning black, here is the secret which many like to keep it to themselves. Keeping banana pudding fresh is as easy as making this great dessert. Now you can make this delicious desert well in advance and serve it as if it was freshly prepared.


The color of banana changes as soon as it is peeled. Follow these simple steps that would free you from the tensions of keeping banana pudding fresh.

Things to be kept ready

  • A shallow container or bowl
  • Vitamin C tablets or Fresh lemon Juice or bottled lemon juice

Citric acid is what prevents banana from turning black. Lemon juice or Vitamin C dissolved in some water can serve the purpose. You may also use bottled lime juice if fresh lemons are not available. Use any one of the above source of citric acid depending on the availability. 



  • Squeeze fresh lemon juice into a shallow glass container. 
  • Peel and slice banana. Dip it in the citrus juice; all sides should get a touch of the juice.
  • Keep your pudding ingredients ready.
  • Immediately mix sliced banana into the pudding mixture, this will keep banana pudding fresh and prevent discoloration.
  • Keep the pudding in the refrigerator for cooling.
  • And your banana pudding is ready to be served.


Bigger problems have simple solutions. Does it seem to be a child’s play to keep banana pudding fresh?


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How To Keep Banana Pudding From Turning Black