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How to Keep Raw Honey Safe and Pure

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I love the taste and wildness of Raw Honey!!! One of the best examples of unprocessed food, raw honey, is medicinally valued and has an exquisite taste. It is no wonder then that most people would like to know how to keep raw honey safe and pure.  By storing raw honey well, not only do you preserve the goodness of this “ambrosia” you also get to have persistent access to the most natural vitamins and enzymes.


 Raw honey comes directly from the beehive and is not at all processed.What is Raw Honey?


If you are still confused between what is raw honey and what is organic honey then here is your answer. Raw honey is wild honey that comes straight from the beehive or honey that is closest to this condition. It is not heated or pasteurized or processed in any way, nothing is added to it and nothing removed. It is as pure as it gets and it might even have some pollen or shards of honey comb in it.

Storing Raw Honey


Raw honey like organic honey can keep for a long time but tastes well within two years. It also has a tendency to lose flavor and purity faster than processed honey so you have to be extremely careful while storing it if you want to keep it for long. Here is what you can do to ensure this-


Keep raw honey in an air tight, sealed container so that there is no danger of air entering and oxidizing the honey or water entering and fermenting it. Exposure to either of these elements can also lead to darkening of the color and flavor of the raw honey.


Another thing to watch out for is the inevitable crystallization of honey which usually happens with time. This can also slowed down if you don’t let the raw honey be exposed to air and water. Even high pollen content and cold temperatures can lead to faster crystallization. You can re-liquify crystallized honey by slowly reheating the required mount in a jar immersed in a pan filed with water. Donot overheat!!!


Ensure that the container in which you store the honey is made of non reactive materiel like glass or ceramic and not metal. You should look for opaque, airtight and moisture and odor proof contents. Metal or wooden container both are bad ideas as metal reacts with honey and can lead to poisoning, while wood gives honey a distinct wooden taste.


Keep this container away from aromatic foods like spices as raw honey has a tendency to absorb the aroma of nearby food items.


Always keep your honey in a cool dark place and away from direct sunlight. A kitchen cabinet or pantry will be perfect.


Ensure that raw honey is not subjected to temperatures above 80 degrees F. The perfect temperature will be between 70 and 80 degrees F. Don’t ever store the raw honey near sources of heat like the stove, oven or refrigerator as heat will cause the flavor to strengthen and the color to get darker due to crystallization.

Tips & Warnings

Never ever microwave your raw honey. The honey will not be ambrosia any longer as microwaving kills the beneficial nutrients in honey.

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How To Keep Raw Honey Safe And Pure