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How To Stock A Spice Cabinet

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Tips on how to stock spice cabinetsHow to stock a spice cabinet in a way so that you get all your spices whenever you need them? This is a problem faced by many women, who often find stocking spice cabinet a very challenging task. Here are a few tips on how to stock a spice cabinet which shall help you to store things.
• You should choose a cabinet which is dry, cool and dark to store all your dried spices and herbs. Dark and cool cabinet is preferred or else it shall affect the flavor of the spices – dry is recommended so that mold formation is reduced.
• Select airtight containers and jars which will be dark. You can label these containers for convenience, because it won’t be possible to know what is inside as the containers are dark from outside. Do not forget to put in dates on the labels.
• Try to get whole spices as these are better and have a longer shelf life than other ground spices. Whole spices can stay good for more than 2 years.
• Stock all your loved spices and herbs. Keep all spices and herbs which you use daily, nearby so that you can get them as soon as possible.

If you are confused, which spice to stock in your cabinet and why – here are some reasons which you are sure to find very useful.
– This is a must have in your spice cabinet. It is not a single spice but it tastes like a blend of spices. You can get in a whole berry form.

Bay leaves – This is an herb which is in its dried form. You should always stock the Greek variety in your cabinet.Convenient spice cabinets in the kitchen

Cayenne Pepper – You will find this to be hotter than the Indian variety. This is available in its ground form. Do not store huge quantities of this pepper as it shall not be in its best form that way – you can buy it in small quantities and then replace it as often as you can.

Celery seeds – You need to stock these seeds if you make tuna salads, pasta and other pickles in huge quantities.

Chili pepper flakes – Stock them for flavor and heat factor in your cooking.

Chili powder – This is a great mix of different spices and you can get it in its coarse form. This spice is a must for all your grilled meat recipes – so don’t miss out stocking this.

Cinnamon and cloves– This is one of those spices which you use in cakes and desserts as well as other meat recipes for added flavor and taste. Cloves should always be bought fresh and stocked in jars – you just need to grind them when you need them.

Black and white peppercorns – These should be stocked for their classic flavor. White peppercorns are essential for light colored sauces while dark ones are for taste and flavor.

Curry powder - This is a very rich addition to several simple dishes like chicken salads and chicken recipes. Chili powder is a must have for all kitchens.

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How To Stock A Spice Cabinet