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How To Refresh Stale Bread?

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Stale bread is a common household problem. Everybody faces it sometime but that just doesn’t make it a bird food and you definitely need not have to throw it into the garbage bin. Why? Because there are remedies available to refresh it and at least use it in some useful way. This article will tell how can you refresh stale bread.

Method 1: Use aluminum foil to freshen crusty bread, buns or rolls by placing them in a pre-heated oven at 250 degree Celsius for a maximum of 10 minutes. Leave the bread in the foil and let it cool on its own but eat it immediately after the re-heating process because beyond that breads dry and stale far quickly. If you keep the crusty bread without foil in hot oven for 5 minutes, it will make it more crisp.

Method 2: Take dampened paper-towel strips and place it on your bread loaf and press it lightly. Then cover the loaf with a foil loosely and place it in the oven at a medium heat for a maximum of 4 minutes. You can also directly use water or milk instead of damp paper towel on the bread. Some people prefer to dampen tea towel in hot water, wring it and wrap around loaf before keeping in a covered casserole dish or brown paper bag. Heat it in the oven for not more than 3-4 minutes. Do not leave paper bag in the oven for longer time otherwise it will burn.

Method 3: Cupcakes, muffins and donuts can also be refreshed. Place them in the microwave for not more than 10 seconds and enjoy freshened breakfast. The right place for bulk pastries, which may be leftover from a party, is not the bin, you can reuse them too by re-steaming them. Just place them in an appropriate dish and keep the dish in the water and heat it in the oven at 375 degrees F for only 5 minutes.


Method 4: Toast the bread with some butter and reuse it. It is not as fresh as the newly bought one but will taste deliciously different.

Method 5: If none of the above methods work, use the stale bread for stuffing. You can make wonderful turkeys or meatloaf with dried bread.

Protect bread from getting stale in the first place: There is a common belief that breads should be kept in refrigerator to prevent it from staling. However, has a different say on this matter. The authority on baked goodies says breads, buns and rolls stale faster when we refrigerate them. The right place for breads is not the refrigerator where the temperature is at normally at 5 Degrees Celsius but the freezer especially if you want to keep them after its expiry date. Frozen breads can last up to three months. Breads must be stored in their original packing. Once opened, it must be closed tightly with twist tie. If you live in a warm and humid climate, always freeze your bread to protect it from mold growth.

There are existing solutions to stale bread from getting stale, implement them and watch out for results!

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How To Refresh Stale Bread?