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How To Freeze Tomatoes


how to freeze tomatoes - for flavor and longevity

You have just had a bounty harvest of tomatoes from your vineyard and you simply want to stock it up for a long time to come (as you think it a ‘saucy’ idea to exploit the wonderful crop, just because it won’t stay long). You need not worry  about loosing your tomatoes to the ravages of time and weather as there are quite a few techniques on how to freeze tomatoes and keep them longer.



Once ‘frozen’ in time, fresh tomatoes can be preserved to make a delicious present for recipes, which ask for them, so that you  don’t have to go scouring through your vineyard or the vegetables shop just for picking the ‘red’.

•    Take your bunch of tomatoes and put them on a colander.

•    Rinse the tomatoes thoroughly under running water, so that all the dust and grime and little bugs stuck to the surface of the tomatoes are washed out.

•    Now take a clean chopping board and make sure that the blade of the knife going to be used is clean . Cut the tomatoes into wedges about 1 ½ cm thick. At the time of cutting, watch out for traces of any bug resident in the tomato slices. If any as such is present, discard that portion of the tomato slice, because when you are venturing into how to freeze your tomatoes and keep them longer, you better have a fresh, disease-free variety under cold storage, so that the flavor and nutrition of the other tomatoes in the bunch is also preserved.

•    Take a zip lock bag or freezer bag and label it with the name and the quantity of the tomatoes. If the quantity pertains to a particular recipe for which you wish to use the frozen product, you attach the name of the recipe as well.

•    Place the tomato wedges in the freezer bag  and remove the excess air from the bag. This is an important step on how to freeze tomatoes, as we know that oxygen/air can catalyze decomposition, so it is best to put the tomato wedges in a vacuum-sealed bag.

•    Place the bags in the freezer compartment. You could even place the bag in a casserole dish or freezing tray, if you want the bags to ‘mould’ and take a different shape.

•    For using the frozen tomatoes, just remove it from the freezer and it sure will add delight to soup-recipes, sauce(chili, burrito, spaghetti), juice etc.

With the above tips on how to freeze tomatoes and make them last longer, you simply have to pick your freezer bag and give shape to the dream tomato dish of your choice!

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How To Freeze Tomatoes