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How To Preserve Tomatoes

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Tomatoes boiling in the process of preserving them

If you ever tasted homegrown tomatoes, you will agree that nothing can be as fresh and tasty than these tomatoes. However, to enjoy them even later, you need to know how to preserve tomatoes so that they are able to offer the same type of flavor and taste. You need to know the way of preserving tomatoes especially when you grow them at home – or else what will you do when you have a bumper crop? Wouldn’t you like to enjoy your homegrown tomatoes for the rest of the year?

Here are some tips which shall help you to preserve tomatoes all through the year.
Preparation – The process of preserving tomatoes starts with the preparatory process. You should wash all the tomatoes in cold water so that all dust and germs are easily washed off. You can also keep them under running water for ten minutes to be doubly sure that all dust particles have been washed off. You can then remove the stems of the tomatoes and keep them in a strainer.

Boiling tomatoes – You will need a large pot of water and place it on your stove top. Wait till the water starts boiling and you can place the tomatoes in it. You do not have to keep the tomatoes for long in the water – 1 minute is enough. You can then remove these from boiling water and rinse them in ice water. This shall help you to peel off the skin of the tomatoes.

Freezing - You can now freeze all the tomatoes by putting them in a freezer container and put them inside the refrigerator. Remember to seal the container lid well and let the tomatoes freeze inside the freezer. This is a great way to preserve all your homegrown tomatoes.

Here are some tips on preserving tomatoes and how to keep them fresh.

• If you have plans to preserve tomatoes, you should start their preserving process, just as soon as they come home. You shouldn’t keep at room temperature for more than 2 hours, if you wish to preserve them as the tomatoes will start to ripen.

• Do not use tomatoes which have scars or seem to be too ripe. Choose firm and very fresh tomatoes for preserving.

• If you wish to preserve all the tomatoes you should use them together- you do not have to divide them into batches. There are many people who love to preserve them in batches – this does not help, because by the time you start the preservation process of the last batch of tomatoes, they wouldn’t be in a condition and no matter how much you try they wouldn’t stay fresh for long.

• If you have preserving plans and you do not have a home garden, then buy local tomatoes which have been grown by local farmers. This way, you can ensure that you are get fresh tomatoes all through the year.

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How To Preserve Tomatoes