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Creative Ideas For Food Packaging - Travel In Style

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Children enjoys their food on the go


When you have kids to travel with, then it is essential for you to find out creative ideas for food packaging. Without sufficient amount of food, you should not dare to travel with children. I found this to be true several times in my life. Many people think that carrying foods while traveling implies a lot of mess and cleaning or washing during the journey. But that can be avoided, if you have some ideas on packing food creatively and which will allow you to travel in style.


Before going to the packaging part, I should brief you on the type of foods to carry for your move. If you carry foods, which are difficult to manage inside a moving car or train, then you might expect lot of mess. Specially, it will be completely unmanageable for your kids. So, you should always take easy to eat foods or the foods which can be consumed by holding with hand. The second most important thing is that you should avoid liquid or semi-liquid food, as much as you can. Foods like soup or other saucy food might get spilled over for the speed of the vehicle, creating a mess of all. This situation will not arise for dry foods like sandwich, salads, sausages, fruits, cookies, cup cakes etc.


Now when I think about the packaging issue, there are so many options.


Plastic Container – One of the best ways to carry foods is the airtight plastic containers. These containers are available in variety of sizes. Depending upon your requirement, you can buy these in numbers. These airtight containers are perfect for carrying foods while travelling, as they keep the food fresh and secondly, there is no chance of spilling or leaking. You can easily carry liquid or semi-liquid foods in these containers, provided you find a better way to consume them than using a soup bowl and soup spoon. Cleaning or washing is also not a big thing for these containers, as you don’t require doing a lot of rubbing or scratching to wash off the food particles from the wall. However, if you want to avoid this washing part completely from your travel, then there are other alternatives.


Aluminum Foil – This is perhaps the best thing to carry your food as you can travel in style being hassle-free. Pack your sandwiches or salads inside the foil. You can also get the recycled lunch box made with paper board and foil. These boxes work great for carrying food on the move. The best part is that you can simply throw away the foils or the foil box without making the mess for washing or cleaning.


Ziplock Bags – These ziplock bags are also easily available in your local grocery stores. In these bags, you can also carry liquid foods, as there is no chance of spilling or leaking over. Once you put on the zip of the bag, nothing can come out or go inside the packet. This way, the food also remains safe and fresh. These ziplock bags are ideal for any kind of food.


Whichever way you pack your food, always keep them in a separate tote bag. Along with the food, carry plenty of accessories like tissue paper, plastic spoons and forks, paper plate etc. If you are travelling in car or train, keep the bag handy, so that you can supply food continuously, whenever anybody feels hungry. In case you are carrying food in air, then you should carry the bag as hand baggage. Many airlines do not permit carrying food, so you should confirm this from your airlines before you start planning on your food.

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Creative Ideas For Food Packaging - Travel In Style