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How To Keep A Salad Fresh In The Refrigerator

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Learn more on how to keep a salad fresh in the refrigeratorFinally, I have learnt how to keep a salad fresh in the refrigerator. Now, I don’t have to worry about how to keep juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuces and crunchy cucumbers fresh for the next few hours in the refrigerator. Salads are really nutritious and you can enjoy them long, if you know how to store them well in your refrigerator. Check out some of our tips to keep salads fresh for a long period.  

Suppose you desire to keep a salad fresh like lettuce salad, you will have to prepare the ingredients well – like lettuce leaves, spinach leaves and tomatoes. You need to wash all these in cold water and then dry them. You can also use a salad spinner to dry them fast – salad spinner is recommended because it has a very useful handle which causes the salad bowl to spin on its own. This helps to remove the excess water from the salad ingredients. Once you have spun them well, you should use a plastic knife to cut lettuce, cabbage or spinach leaves. If you use a metallic knife the fresh leaves will turn brown in color when you store them.

You need to slice tomatoes, lettuce or spinach in the required quantity ( which you plan to have in next few hours) - do not make excess salad. Moreover, if you are storing leafy items like spinach and lettuce, you have to be sure that you are not storing them with tomatoes and cucumbers as they will cause the salad to become very slimy and stringy. So, if you using croutons, cucumbers, tomatoes and other dressing in your salad, you should store them separately in your refrigerator. These should be stored in air tight containers after removing excess moisture from them. If there is moisture present, it will rot the tomatoes and make them damp.

You can store all leafy vegetables in a sealed plastic bag inside your refrigerator. It is best to store these leafy vegetables before you cut them as they will stay fresh  for longer period in this way. This should be lined with the help of a paper towel. Remember that you need to squeeze all the air out the bag and then shut the bag well. You can store leafy vegetables in the vegetable crisper of your refrigerator. You have to be a little cautious when you are storing leafy vegetables. You need to remember that these vegetables shouldn’t be stored for more than 5 days as this can lead to food poisoning.

You need to store toppings too very carefully because these are the things which give the salad its required taste. You can store them in plastic containers which have been sealed very well. Ensure that there is no additional moisture in the container in which the dressing is stored as it can cause the topping to lose its taste.

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How To Keep A Salad Fresh In The Refrigerator