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How To Store Grains In Bulk

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Grains should be stored in air tight containers for keeping them freshIf you are among those people who love to buy grains in bulk, you must have some special storing tips for such grains. Learn how to store grains in bulk so that these grains can stay fresh for long. If you are able to purchase grains in bulk, you will find them much cheaper because we know that bulk quantities are always offered at cheap rates.

Storing grains like rice, barley and oats is important or else these will get infested with pests and insects. Here are some easy ways in which you can keep grains fresh for a longer period.

Buy fresh grains – If you wish to keep all your grains fresh for a long period, you need to ensure that you are purchasing all fresh grains. If you find that you are being packed grains from bulk bins, you need to ask the store keeper about how long the grains have been kept in the bins and ask the store keeper if the products get actually rotated inside the bin or not. When you are purchasing in bulk, check the grains very carefully to see if there are any types of insect infestations. If you find that the grains are discolored or if they appear dry – do not purchase them because no matter how much you try to keep these fresh, such grains are not going to stay fresh for long.

It is best to bring your own container to carry home the rice you purchase – this shall reduce the time of transferring and will also reduce the consumption of plastic bags. When you bring the container at home, you should immediately make preparations for storing all your grains so that no time is wasted and you give no time for insects like moths to feed on the fresh grains.

To store grains in glass jars, you need to purchase grains in jars which have a very tight seals. You can also use canning jars which have metallic lids – they are inexpensive too. Try not to use old jars of mayonnaise or peanut butter, because these have plastic lids which often do not seal tightly after repeated use. If the grains are not sealed well, they will spill and also might get insects. You can also test the seal by screwing the lid of the jar very well and then dipping it under water – you have to check if bubbles escape.

Store all the bulk grains in a cool and very dry place. The best places are pantries and cabinets. If they are exposed to too much high temperature and direct sunlight, these will get stale and slowly start losing their nutritional content as well as flavor.

Try to use all your old grains within a few months of purchasing them. In case you need to extend this stage, you can keep such grains in freezers also – however, it is best to use all grains within a year of purchasing them.

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How To Store Grains In Bulk