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How To Keep Cheese Fresh For Long

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Cheese bought in bulk can be kept fresh for longPeople often buy in bulk even things like cheese and often wonder how long can they keep their cheese fresh. The answer is the cheese will not spoil for up to four weeks if it is stored properly. Here is a user’s manual on how to keep cheese fresh for long.

At the time of purchase: The longevity or shelf life of your cheese begins from the stage when you buy it from the store. Thumb rule is always follow your instincts. If the cheese looks dry or discolored and is not appealing at all - do not buy it no matter how desperately you need it. Before you leave the store, check the freshness date and make sure that the cheese package is wrapped and sealed properly. Besides, some cheese like Cheddar and Swiss, considered as hard cheese, have more shelf life (up to four weeks) than soft cheese like Brie, which cannot be stored for more than a week.

Temperature while storing cheese at home: Ideally, cheese remains good at temperature 35-45 degrees Fahrenheit, hence, it must be stored in the warmer section, like vegetable box, of the fridge. It must not be kept in a place where there are frequent temperature fluctuations.

Check the wrapping: The most important part of cheese storage, which can keep it fresh for long, is how it is wrapped. If wrapped tightly with plastic, mold will form faster. Cheese too needs proper moisture and air for survival. Hence, it is recommended to use aluminum foil or waxed or parchment paper for it. You can also use loose fitting plastic food bag to allow sufficient air into your wrapped cheese. The unwrapped cheese can be kept in a food bag. Use plastic wraps for cheese like Parmesan or Asiago, which are naturally dry, to prevent them from losing moisture.

Check for any moldy growth: Mold will form naturally despite all your efforts and will consume all oil from cheese. Remove the mold by cutting the cheese to an extent that all molds are removed. If you are not keen on wasting your cheese too much, you can also wipe it off with a piece of cloth and rub fresh oil on it. You can also rinse the cheese in tepid water to remove the mold.

What to use in storing: Waxed or parchment wrapping should be used to store Brie and other semi-soft cheese. Plastic containers can also be used to store them. Soft cheese must be stored in plastic boxes as a thumb rule.

Why cheese to be kept separately: Cheese like Blue, which has strong odor, rind and white rind cheese must be kept separately in order to prevent mingling. Blue might lose its aroma if not stored in an airtight container. Double wrapping is recommended.

Additional tip: No matter what kind of cheese you buy or how you store it, change the wrapping of all types of cheese once every few days. 

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How To Keep Cheese Fresh For Long