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How To Store Vodka At Home

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If you are buying vodka to serve your guests in a future date, then you must know the easy tips on how to store vodka at home. This happened to me several times. Either I had bought vodka in advance for serving my guests in some parties or leftover part of vodka remained unfinished in an opened bottle. In both the cases, I had to preserve the alcohol for later use. However, while buying the drinks from my neighboring wine shop I received the tips on storing vodka at home. These tips are quite helpful to preserve the taste and aroma of your favorite drink. Especially when you are planning to serve some of the delicate cocktails, taste and aroma both really matter.

When you are buying vodka in advance, then you have one advantage that the bottle is closed. UntiA cocktail made with vodkal you are opening the cap, you can be assured about the originality of the vodka. However, if you keep the new bottle in room temperature, that may not be right for your cocktails. In fact, most of the vodka cocktails require the vodka being perfectly chilled. So, freezer is the best place for your new, unopened vodka bottle. Simply keep the bottle inside the deep freeze zone of your refrigerator. Don’t worry; it will not get frozen as vodka has a high content of alcohol.

When you are planning for a big party, then one or two bottles of vodka are definitely not going to be sufficient for your guests. You will require several bottles, but perhaps your freezer is not big enough to keep so many bottles. In this situation, you have to arrange for an icebox in considerably big size with respect to the number of your guests. Keep them chilled, so that your guests can enjoy the smoothness and clarity of the premium vodka of your choice.

Now your party is over and you still have 1 or 2 bottles left with partly finished vodka. However, you don't need to worry at all. There is no issue of decomposition with the alcoholic beverage. To keep the flavor and taste of the vodka intact, cap the bottle tightly. Now you can keep it at any place of your home. Just be careful that the place is not too warm. According to the opinion of my neighborhood wine shop owner, vodka can be stored properly in a cool and dry place for up to 3 years. So you don’t require keeping the unused bottles again inside the freezer anymore. However, if you think of having another homely party in the next day or want to sip a chilled cocktail by yourself to relax and rejuvenate, then you should keep it back inside the freezer.

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How To Store Vodka At Home