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How to store apple pie

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Do you want to store apple pies that you made a while ago? Well, I know the secrets. Now you can also store the apple pie perfectly without compromising on its texture and awesome flavors. Believe me when I say that you must try this way of storing apple pie and serve as often as you like! Just follow these instructions. How to store apple pie

Things required for storing apple pies
Apple pies
Sugar cubes
Plastic wrap

How to store apple pie
Step 1: Store the apple pie in the fridge, but let some air in, when covered too tightly the apple pie may become soppy and wet. Just loosely cover it to keep stuff from accidentally getting in it and your pie should be good for two days.
Step 2:  Always make sure you’re able to have it all in two days, because apple pies get watery as they sit in your fridge after time, no matter how thick glaze you put on it.
Step 3: Here's how to absorb the juice and it will not make it sweeter - after you cut the apple pie and remove a piece put a sugar cube (must be a cube) in the empty spot, then you can loosely cover it and put it away, this one little cube will absorb a good amount of juice, if your worried the pie will sit for more than a day add an additional cube or 2 - just remember a apple pie can't sit longer than 2 days at the most even in the fridge.

Let me tell you, apple pie is my favorite dessert and a craving is a craving! I can have them at breakfast too! I enjoy my apple pie with streusel topping (made with butter, oatmeal, brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon. My kids prefer them hot with vanilla ice cream. If you want to make some scrumptious apple pie at home check for the recipe.

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How To Store Apple Pie