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How to store biscuits

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How to store biscuits? Storing biscuits if done properly is an easy affair. It is a terrible waste to turn your masterpiece biscuits into a mess by improper storage. Follow these instructions for storing biscuits. How to store biscuits
Tools required for storing biscuits
Airtight containers
Wax paper (one roll)
How to store biscuits
Step 1: Always make sure that your freshly baked biscuits are completely cooled before storing.
Step 2: For best retention of texture and flavor of the biscuits line the airtight container with wax paper. First, cut a piece of wax paper in the shape of your container and place it on the bottom of the container. Cut a few more pieces of the same shape and set aside.
Step 3:  Cut a long strip of wax paper that's as wide as your container’s height, and fully cover the sides of the container with it.
Step 4: Start storing the biscuits. Cover with a piece of wax paper in the shape of the container. Repeat until container is full with the biscuits. Make sure top layer of biscuit is covered with wax paper, either by placing a piece on top or lining the bottom of the container cover with wax paper.
Step 5: Freeze biscuits until you're ready to serve. I recommend freezing for no longer than one month.
Now you can also store the biscuits perfectly without compromising on its crispy texture and awesome flavors. Believe me when I say that you must try this way of storing biscuits and serve as often as you like!

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How To Store Biscuits