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The Best Way to Store Fruitcake

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fruit cakeThe form and appearances of fruitcakes may have changed as time passed, but the best way to store fruitcake still remains the same. The way in which you want to store your fruitcake also depends on the period you wish to store it for. In the ancient Roman times, a fruitcake was prepared using pomegranate seeds and it was flavored using spices, honey and fruit. These heavy cakes were carried by crusaders on long journeys in order to sustain during the trip. In the early 18th century, fruitcakes were outlawed in Europe as they were sinfully rich. They were better known as “plum cakes” at that point of time. With the beginning of the Victorian era, fruitcakes were a common snack served at teatime. Today, they are a conventional Christmas food.


 Step 1

Use a plastic wrap or a ziplock plastic bag to cover the fruitcake. In case you wish to store it for less than 30 days, you must keep it at room temperature. And you must refer to the next step if you want to store the fruitcake for longer period of time. 

      Step 2

If you plan to store the fruitcake for about 6 months or less, you should use a tin foil, plastic wrap or a plastic bag to wrap it and then place it inside the refrigerator. This will keep your fruitcake fresh up to 6 months. If you wish to store it for more than 6 months, see the step below.

      Step 3

Use aluminum foil, plastic freezer wrap or you may even put it in a heavy-duty freezer bag and then freeze it. The cake will keep best till a year. However, it remains safe indefinitely if you keep it at 0 degrees Fahrenheit constantly.

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The Best Way To Store Fruitcake