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How to Keep Bars and Cookies Fresh Without Refrigeration

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cookieCookies and bars become stale if they are not stored properly. Their proper storage will help to retain the flavor as well texture of the homemade cookies . Refrigeration is the most popular method of keeping cookies and other baked goods fresh, but there are several other ways of making cookies last longer.  


1.    Once the bars or cookies are baked, allow them to cool properly. If you keep the hot cookies inside a sealed container it may lead to condensation making the baked goods soggy.

2.    The cookies must be placed in resealable plastic freezer bags. Place cookies and bars in separate bags so that they are not mixed with each other. This is so because crisp treats will turn into soft ones when stored with soft treats. The flavors might also blend, which will result in altering the taste of your delicious bars and cookies.

3.    If the cookies and bars that you have prepared are chewy, you can put a piece of white bread while you store them in bags. The bread will allow the cookies to remain fresh and crisp.

4.    The excessive air in the freezer bags must be pressed outside gently. Make sure that you do not tend to crush the cookies while removing the extra air from bag.

5.     Now seal the bags very tightly. Your bars and cookies will remain fresh and crisp without  refrigeration.

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How To Keep Bars And Cookies Fresh Without Refrigeration