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How To Preserve Beetroot?

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Beetroot is typically a summer vegetable. So, what do you do if you want to eat them in winters? Simple – know how to preserve beetroot. There are numerous benefits that this nutrient-laden vegetable has to offer and hence, you may want to have them daily. Therefore, knowing how to preserve beetroot effectively is a must.

Broadly, there are two methods of preserving beetroot – Making the Beetroot Preserve and Pickling the Beetroots. Both these methods are effective ways of preserving this vegetable while retaining all the nutrients.

Process 1: Beetroot Extract

Beetroot Extract stays upto six monthsIngredients:

For making the beetroot extract, you need the following ingredients:
•    Beetroot – 300 grams
•    Brown Vinegar – 250 ml
•    Sugar – 200 grams
•    Salt – 1 ml
•    Water – 8 cups


•    To make the extract, first chop off the beetroot tops and rinse them well under cold water.
•    Place them in a saucepan. Add enough water to it so that the beetroots are covered well.
•    Put the pan on high flame and boil the beet for about half an hour, until it becomes soft.
•    Drain and reserve about 250 ml of the beetroot liquid.
•    Keep the beetroots aside. You can finely chop them.
•    In a separate saucepan, add the brown vinegar, sugar, salt and the beetroot liquid and heat well till the entire sugar is dissolved.
•    Boil for about 5 minutes and keep stirring all the while.
•    Add the beetroot to the syrup and boil for another 5 minutes.
•    Take a sterilized jar and layer the beetroot in it. Put on the lid immediately. Your beetroot preserve is ready.

Process 2: Pickling the Beetroots

Leave the pickled beetroot for a month to mature.Ingredients:

•    Raw Beetroots – 1 kilogram
•    Brine – 600 ml
•    Red Wine Vinegar – 600 ml

•    Wash the beetroots well. Do not peel the beetroots at this stage.
•    Take a large pan and place the beets in it. Now, add the brine to it, so that all the beetroots are covered.
•    Bring the liquid to a boil for about 20 minutes, till the beets are softened.
•    Drain the liquid and peel the cooked beets.
•    Cut the beets into small sizes.
•    Take sterilized jars and place the beetroot pieces in it. Now, cover the jar with cold vinegar.
•    Leave it for a month to mature. This lets the beets absorb all the necessary flavors before you can use it.

You can preserve beetroots for up to six months using any of these methods. Thus, people who love this summer vegetable can enjoy the same taste even in winter, when fresh beets are not so readily available.

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How To Preserve Beetroot?