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How to dry moonflower seed pods

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Drying Moonflower seed pods is very easy, just leave them on the plants and allow them to dry naturally!Moonflower is beautiful evening blooming flowers that come from vine plant called Ipomoea alba. Since the moonflower is an annual plant, drying the moonflower seeds is an excellent way to ensure you have enough moonflower seeds to replant the vine every year.  Not sure, how to dry moonflower seed pods? You have nothing to worry about for I am going to share some real useful tips on how to dry and then store moonflower seeds for plantation.


How to identify moon-flower seedpods: Though this sounds too elementary, correctly identifying the moonflower seedpods can be very tricky for a new gardener. Moonflower seedpods are formed right below the moonflowers. You will be able to see them once the flowers close and start to fade out. The moonflower seedpods are large purple colored blobs.  


How to dry moonflower seedpods: Drying the moonflower seedpods is very easy. All you need to do is allow them to stand on the vine till they sundry naturally. Harvest the pods once they turn brown and begin to crack open. However, if you are expecting frost then it is not a good idea to leave the seedpods on the vine, pluck out the required number of moonflower seedpods, and dry them indoors. For this spread the pods on a paper sheet and place them in a warm and dry spot away from direct air draft. The seedpods will take about a month or so to dry this way. 


How to store the dry seedpods: Once the moonflower seed pods are dry, you can loosely pack them in a cloth bag or a paper bag and store them in a closet or some place that will allow air to circulate through the seedpods.


Planting moonflower seeds: Once the weather gets warm enough to plant the moonflowers, nick the seeds slightly, and soak them in water for 8 hrs. This will enable faster germination. You can then plant the seeds either indoors or directly in the ground. 


So this is how you dry moonflower seedpods and ensure that you have enough good quality seeds to plant moonflowers season after season.

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How To Dry Moonflower Seed Pods