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How to Store Canned Meat

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Canned meat is very easy to store. I think very household should have a stock of canned meat on hand that could last in case of emergencies. But the provisions will not be much good unless you know how to store canned meat How to Store Canned Meat
How to Store Canned Meat
Step 1: Store canned meat in a cool and dry place. Storage over 75 degrees F over an extended period of time can cause nutrient loss and storage over 100 degrees F can spoil the food.
Step 2:  Use a permanent marker to note the date you bought the can if the can isn't dated. Generally canned meat is consumed within 12 months.
Step 3: Rotate the canned meat to ensure the oldest are toward the front of your storage cabinet. Nearly all canned meat is made with an expiration or "use by" date for you to keep a tab on how old they are.
Step 4: Use canned meat within 4 months for best quality. However, they can last up to 1 year, but the meat quality can start to deteriorate affecting the meat's flavor.
Step 5:  If you don’t consume them immediately remove canned meats from the can and store them in a nonmetallic refrigerated container. However, glass jars of canned meat can be stored as they are.

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How To Store Canned Meat