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How To Dry Lima Beans?

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Drying lima beans is one of the easiest methods to preserve these buttery delicious beans for winterLima beans, also known as butter beans are an excellent source of protein. Growing lima beans at home is easy and drying Lima beans is easier; moreover home dried lima beans taste awesomely better than store bought lima beans. Today I will share some easy tips on how to dry lima beans:

There are different ways to dry Lima beans, the easiest being letting them to dry right on the plant. Lima beans grow in pods, to dry the beans using this natural method just leave the pod on the plants till the pods get a yellowish white dried look and you can hear the beans rattling inside. This indicates that the beans have dried up; you can harvest the pods at this stage. Remove the beans from the pods and check if they have completely dried up; for this pinch the beans with your nails, if you don’t see any nail imprint that means they have dried. In case you do feel the beans can be dried further, then spread them on a clean sheet and sundry for a day or two. 

In case you are expecting some rains or the weather is getting frosty, then it is not a very good idea to leave the pods on the plants to dry. Just harvest all the matured bean pods and take them in. You need to store these pods in a cool and airy spot. Once the sky clears out and you have enough sun, you can take the pods out and sundry the bean-pods. 

However, if you are expecting the weather to play a truant for a real long time and you don’t wish to wait that long then you can also oven dry the lima beans! For this spread the lima bean pods in a single layer over a baking sheet and place it in an oven set at the lowest temperature setting possible; leave the bean pods for 12 hrs to 1 full day in the oven – they should be ready by that time. Remove the beans from the pods, check if they have fully dried, and if not then transfer the lima beans into the oven for further drying.  Remember not to be tempted to increase the oven temperature to hasten the drying process; you want to imitate the natural drying as far as possible. 

So once your Lima beans are dried pack them in an air tight container or zip pouch and store them in a cool and dry place. If properly stored dried lima beans will stay for more than a year. Do read this article on how to store dried foods for further information on storage of dry lima beans. 

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How To Dry Lima Beans?