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How to Store Palm Oil?

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I just don’t have the time or space here to list out the numerous advantages of using Palm oil! We all know how healthy this oil is and it only seems wise to learn how to store palm oil. and then stock up on it. Generally, oils have a tendency to go rancid but since palm oil has a longer shelf life it might last longer. In spite of this it is important that you pick up a few tips on storing palm oil:-
Palm Oil - The cooking oil that doesnt go rancid fast 
Unlike other oils, Palm Oil does not go rancid very fast. This is because Palm Oil and Coconut oil is mostly saturated oil.
Palm Oil has a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature. The preferred temperature for palm oil is 30 degree Celsius.
Use your palm oil within 6 months of purchase.
In case you sense an unpleasant aroma, a rancid taste or a change in color, throw away the palm oil immediately.
Palm Oil can thicken if stored at lower temperature. Try and avoid this.
Use stainless steel or glass containers to store palm oil. Avoid containers that might have any element of copper alloy in them. It is always better to store them in the original containers.
Palm oil has been used for baking, shortenings, margarines and deep-fat frying.
Food cooked using palm oil doesn’t go rancid fast.
Palm oil has a good concentration of anti-oxidants, beta-carotene, vitamin A and phytochemicals.
Palm oil is 40% saturated and 60% unsaturated.  Palm oil has a natural resistance to oxidation which makes it healthy oil for cooking and deep-frying. Also, palm oil is extremely heat stable when compared to the other oils and gives a lovely flavor to food cooked or baked using it.

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How To Store Palm Oil?