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How to Store Measuring Cups?

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Measuring Cups are the life of baking actually. If you are one who does a lot of baking and would like to use your measuring cups for long then you would definitely want to know how to store measuring cups. Investing in good quality measuring cups and then maintaining them well will not only help you to extent the lives of your measuring cups but also save time and keep order in the kitchen when using them. Here are some methods and tips that I use when storing my measuring cups:-
Plastic measuring cups can be used to measure dry ingredients.
Method 1 - How to store Measuring Cups

Get your self a box of the right size in which you can store your measuring cups.
You can store them according to the cup sizes if you have 3 to 4 sets or as sets.
Make sure that the boxes are stored at an easily accessible corner of the kitchen.  
When preparing to cook or bake take the box out, remove the required cups and keep it on the kitchen counter.
Always ensure that once used the cups are well washed and dried properly before stuffing back into the box.
Method 2 – How to store Measuring Cups
You can keep your measuring spoons in your baking supplies itself.
You can store each cup in the respective ingredient container. Like 1 cup for oats and another for flour and 1/2 cups in your brown sugar or rice.
This saves a lot of time as you can simply use the cups in the containers to measure out the respective ingredients and you don’t have to run around the kitchen looking for the measuring cups.
This method also saves a lot of space.

Always buy professional grade measuring cups and remember that liquid measuring cups are different from measuring cups used for dry ingredients.The line for the liquid measuring cup is under the top of the cup while the line for the dry ingredient measuring cup is at the top of the cup. The liquid measuring cup is 16 percent larger.

Always pick up glass measuring cups for liquid ingredients and metal or plastic measuring cups for dry ingredients.

If you are measuring out sticky substances like honey then you can do any of the following:-

  • First fill the measuring cups with hot water and then dump the hot water. Do not dry the cup. Now measure out the honey and it will come out fast.
  • Spray the measuring cup with cooking spray and turn the cup over to allow any excess oil to drip out. Now, measure out your honey or peanut butter.

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    How To Store Measuring Cups?