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How to Store a Cantaloupe?

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Cantaloupe or Muskmelon is an aromatic and addictive melon that is even included earlier on in baby foods because it it is a good source of vitamins and iron as well as other nutrients. I love this subtly sweet fruit but I had to learn how to store a cantaloupe if I wanted to feast on it frequently. Here is what I learned about storing cantaloupe:-

 A Couple of Appetizing Cantaloupes - The cut fruits need to be stored immediately.

When I select cantaloupes that I can take home for storing I make sure that I pick up fresh ones. You can do this by ensuring that the muskmelon smells fresh and “melony” and is round with cream colored rinds. Give the cantaloupe a good thump with your fingers to see if it sounds hollow. This is another indicator that the cantaloupe is fresh. Make sure that you don’t bring home cantaloupes with bruises and depressions.

Once home you can keep the muskmelon at room temperature for it to ripen. Remember that you should do this only if it has not yet reached the stage of full ripeness.

When the cantaloupe has reached its ripest stage store them in the refrigerator immediately.

You should use a cantaloupe within a week of purchase.

If you have cut your muskmelon then make sure that you consume them in one or two days. Never keep cut cantaloupes in the open as these fruits are vulnerable to salmonella contamination. If cantaloupes are kept outside for more then 2 hours then discard it immediately.

To store cut cantaloupes, wrap them up in a plastic wrap or in an airtight plastic container and refrigerate them. Exposed cantaloupes emit ethylene gas which can affect the taste and texture of other vegetables and fruits near it.

If required, you can also freeze the cantaloupes after cutting them into large dices. Though there will be change in texture and taste, it will be comparatively subtle if the fruits are cut up in dices.




Melons ripen fast when kept outside in a fruit bowl with bananas.

Always bring the cantaloupes to room temperature before eating to get the best taste


Cut up cantaloupes will stay well in the refrigerator for about 3 days.

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How To Store A Cantaloupe?