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How To Store Flavored Vinegar

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Flavored vinegars, being an acidic and preservative in itself can also go bad if you do not know how to store them.

Learn more about the flavored vinegar and the best possible ways to store it.

Flavored vinegar is an acidic liquid which is produced from the fermentation of ethanol in a process that yields its primary ingredients, acetic acid. Some of the popular fruit flavored vinegars include those infused with whole raspberries, blueberries of figs. Some of the most exotic fruit flavored vinegars are bloods orange and pear. There are many herbs flavored vinegar such as thyme or oregano.

storing flavored vinegars Storing flavored vinegar:

 Here are given some helpful tips to store the flavored vinegar:

 -You can preserve the flavors of the flavored vinegar by storing it   in a cool and dark place.

 -It is always good to store the flavored vinegar in the  refrigerator.

 -There are some flavored vinegars which develop a cloudy look  if  stored improperly. This cloudy substance, called as "mother  of  vinegar"can be filtered out with a paper coffee filter in order  to  salvage the vinegar.

-If the flavored vinegars start smelling bad or rotten, discard them immediately.

Flavored vinegars are used in any recipe that calls for plain vinegar. They add zest to marinades for meats and fish and interesting flavors to dressings for salads, pastas and vegetables. Vinegars can go bad by about six months after opening the bottle. So it is very necessary to store them properly for a long lasting.

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How To Store Flavored Vinegar