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How to store canned foods?

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store canned foods at ambient temperature in a cool and dark place to extend their shelf lifeCanned foods have been instrumental in providing safe dining options to millions of people across the world and have given a whole new meaning to food preservation. However, if you felt just letting your canned foods sit in your kitchen cabinet indefinitely is the way to store canned foods you are on for some crude shock. Canned provisions will be of no good if you don't know how to store them properly. Here are some easy to follow tips and suggestions to help you in this task:
• Always store the canned food in a cool and dark place like a cool kitchen cabinet. Avoid places near a stove, fire place, or oven. Canned food consistently exposed to temperatures above 75oF will get discolored and lose flavor, while at temperatures above 100oF the food will get completely spoilt. Also avoid extremely cold conditions to prevent the conned foods from freezing.
• Follow the FIFO model for storing the canned foods i.e., the canned food with oldest manufacturing dates are to be kept in the front and the once with most recent manufacturing dates at the back.
• Always look out for the expiry date before purchasing or opening a can. Promptly throw away cans that have passed their expiry date. Discard cans as soon as you see any signs of bulging, piercing, puncture, rusting, or discoloration even if they have not reached their expiry date.
• In case of home canned foods or foods without manufacturing or expiry dates, note the date of purchase or date of canning on the food jar using a permanent marker. Low acid foods like meat and fish will stay good for 12 months while high acid foods like fruit juices will keep for up to 18 months.
• What do you do if you are not able to finish off the contents of the can after opening it, do you need to throw away the rest? Well no, once opened just store the leftover canned food in a refrigerator. In case of glass jars you can refrigerate the food in the jar itself, but if metal cans have been used, you must remove its contents and store in a separate refrigerator container. Consume meat, fish, and milk products within 2 days of opening the can and other foods within 4 days.

So follow these suggestions and safely enjoy your stock of canned foods.

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How To Store Canned Foods?