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How To Store Aluminium Pans

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Aluminium pans are indispensible kitchen utensils that come of great use in the kitchen for most cooking purposes. Be it frying, sautéing or cooking.  Every time you need it for cooking it serves well once given it has been kept well.  Here are a few tips on how to store aluminium pans:

Store Aluminium pans well for ease at use
When buying choose aluminium pans with adequate thickness and heat-resistant handles that can withstand heat that arises during cooking. There are many good brands of pans that can be purchased in supermarkets.

Always hang them on a utensil bar or a utensil wall by the hole in its handle. They can either be placed in a utensil rack. They must be kept in a cool and dry place. Pans must be washed, cleaned and wiped after every use.  A dishwashing liquid and a scrubber must be made use of for washing the pans.

Try to cook food in moderate heat levels. This prevents the pan from getting charred. If the pan is new wash it well before use. Remove the labels and stickers on it before using. You can also soak the pan in water to peel off the stickers and labels.

If the pan has been charred after use, fill it with water up to the brim and cream of tartar to it. Ideally 2 tablespoons cream of tartar must be added for every quart of water. The water must be boiled for 10 minutes. This makes the charred remains in the pan to peel off. 

Rhubarb or lemon may also be used instead of the cream of tartar. If the pan has only a small discoloured spot, rub it with lemon and little baking soda. Rinse with water and wipe.

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How To Store Aluminium Pans