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How to store avocado oil

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Avocado oil is a ‘hard to find’ oil and so, knowing how to store avocado oil properly, will allow you to reap its benefits for a long time. This is one of the rarest vegetable oils that are not extracted from pressed seeds. Rather, the oil directly comes from the pulp. After all, the flesh of the fruit is laden with fats.
Nutritional facts on avocado oil
Avocado oil has a similar nutritional profile as that of olive oil. Also, besides being very beneficial for hair and body, the oil is used in cooking and dressing salads as well. The Vitamin A, D and E content, the cholesterol lowering functions, the role in weight loss, the moisturizing effects and the regenerative properties of avocado oil, make it, a popular choice with health and beauty conscious people alike. So, if you learn how to store avocado oil at home, you can use this oil for a long time, either it is for your beauty needs or kitchen recipes.
Why store avocado oil?
If avocado oil is not stored properly, it can go rancid. Factors like exposure to air, light and heat can affect the avocado oil in a wrong way, spoiling it before time. If you know how to store avocado oil the right way, you can enjoy it for months. Avocado oils are expensive and rare and so they are worth all the effort of proper storage.
Steps for storing avocado oilstoring-avocado-oil
Step 1: Storing the oil in proper containers
Pour the avocado oil in an opaque container if it is not in one already. For a large amount of oil, have several small opaque containers. Always make sure that you cover your avocado oil storage container with a tightly fitting lid. This is because; oxidation can make your oil rancid at a fast pace. This is more the case, when, the avocado oil is crude or unfiltered. Another way to minimize oxidation of the oil is to keep the oil full to the brim of small containers.
Step 2: Choosing the right storage space
Always store the avocado oil in a cool and dark place, ideally, in a kitchen cabinet, a wine cellar or in the pantry. Make it a point to place your oil away from a heat source.
Step 3: Maximizing the longevity of oil
If you want to keep your avocado oil for the maximum time, preserve it with inert gas. To do this, half fill your oil container with the avocado oil and fill the rest portion with inert gas. This minimizes oxidation greatly and stores avocado oil for an extended period.
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How To Store Avocado Oil