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How to store Leftover Rice

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Left with bowls full of rice cooked last night for the gathering and wondering how and what you could do to store it and convert it into a new and exciting recipe. Here is what you could probably do. 

First apply few techniques that can store the rice fresh-

1.Make sure you put it into fridge. 

2.It has been stored in an air tight container to avoid any contact with the bacteria. Rice is very susceptible to bacteria attack.

3.Rice can also be stored in the freezer. Let the rice cool down, then store it either in a plastic bag or vacuum sealed container. When required for use, remove the part needed for the recipe.A bowl of rice made with vegetables and leftover rice

Leftover rice might have got spoiled while still in refrigeration. You should always check the appearance. Often spoilage is obvious from the color itself. If the color appears to be bit yellowish or reddish, then it is already rotten. But if you cannot find out with mere appearance, use your smell and touch senses. When you smell it, the rice will give stink and if you try to break lumps,  remove some rice at the bottom it will feel mushy. That’s the sign of spoilage. 

Next, is how to reuse it. Whenever you want to use the rice stored in advance. Reheat it properly, break all the lumps. Refrigeration and reheating undo chances of food poisoning. 

This leftover rice can be used in puddings, soups and stews, vegetable rolls etc. If you can’t think of much innovative recipes, then you can take some ideas from these:

Fried Rice: A combination of vegetables, eggs, chicken or tofu along with ginger garlic and spring onions. Heat wok, add some oil. Then, add crushed ginger, garlic. Next, add any of the above mentioned and stir rapidly till it mixes. 

Risotto Rolls: For leftover risotto, beat one egg and grate some parmesan. Make balls of the risotto and roll it into egg and parmesan and fry it till golden. 

Rice Pudding: Combine sugar, plain rice, nutmeg, salt, beaten egg, butter, cinnamon, and milk in a baking dish. Bake it for one hour at 350 degrees F in oven. Stir every 15 mins and bake till brown. 

Soups: Mix the rice with chicken soup. Rice will act as filler. The recipe remains the same as for the chicken soup; the only addition is the rice. Remember to add rice the time you add chicken to the soup. 

These recipes and many others like these can help to solve the question of dealing with the leftover rice. But before this, attention has to be paid towards storing it properly. Rice stored in a proper manner will retain its freshness and flavor. Use of preferably vacuum packed containers will not only keep fridge odor away from the rice it will also keep unnecessary moisture away. 

Just in case, rice stored is hard, it can be softened by sprinkling some water and reheating. Reheating could be done in a wok or rice cooker or even microwave oven. While, reheating moisture content and lumps should be checked thoroughly. 

Properly stored and heated rice brings flavor and taste to the old rice. 

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How To Store Leftover Rice