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How to store zucchini

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Zucchini, the popular summer squash comes stuffed with nutrients galore and when you learn how to store zucchini, you can enjoy its goodness for a long time. This healthy summer squash is an excellent source of Vitamins A and C and dietary fibers. You can eat your Zucchini raw if you like or cook it the way best suits your taste buds. Zucchini is also used in baked foods by many and if you have heard of Zucchini bread, you know what I mean. The vegetable grows not much longer than 6 inches and when it’s harvested, the scars and pockmarks aren’t there to mar its shiny body. You can freeze this vegetable or store it in the refrigerator as you please. If you have a zucchini plant back in your garden, you probably already know, that, a plant can yield you a dozen of these squashes in a summer and so, storing zucchinis could pose a challenge. So, read on to know how to store zucchini for the out-of-season months.  storing-zucchini
Things you need
For storing zucchini, you need to keep handy plastic storage bags. And, of course, you need to have a refrigerator or a freezer at home.
Instructions on how to store zucchini
Avoid much handling
Zucchini is a tender vegetable and so the lesser it is handled, the better. The squash spoils up faster when it’s punctured or gets bruises. So, when you are storing zucchini, bunk the idea of washing the vegetable first. This way, you will be able to avoid some of the handling that you have to when you are rinsing veggies and fruits.
Locate a good place
Place your zucchinis carefully in a plastic bag and select a cool dark area in the kitchen or the cupboard where your summer squashes can be allowed to rest in peace. However, if the weather is keeping very hot, I would rather advise you to store the plastic wrapped squashes in the refrigerator. There, you can store the zucchinis for up to a whole week.
Freeze to store
If you would be using your zucchinis at a later date or you would want to use these wonderful veggies in your baking, then you can go on to freeze them. Freezing is ideal for a longer storage. But then again, if you freeze your zucchinis, their texture will only become softer and the flesh will become mushier.
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How To Store Zucchini