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How to store tuna

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Tunas like any other fish spoil in their own juices, so, if you do not know how to store tuna properly, the fish may deteriorate before you get to enjoy it. Knowing how to store tuna will also save you from tuna poisoning, as tuna like any fish is prone to food poisoning. So, if you are game to enjoy your priced tunas for long, follow my tips and strategies for storing tuna and you will be on the winning side.
Buying tunastoring-tuna
Before you know how to store tuna, I will teach you how to buy them. When you are purchasing tunas, look for the ones that are fresh. Now, how do fresh tunas look like?
•    Fresh tunas will always smell like the sea and have clear, bright eyes with red gills and tightly adhered, shiny and moist scales.
•    An easy way to recognize quality tuna is note the color of its flesh. Ideally, its color should be red or pink without any browning. Moreover, the surface of the tuna should never have a rainbow pattern if it’s of fresh quality.
•    When you are buying fresh or frozen tuna steaks, loins or fillets, look for the meat. It should be translucent and moist.
•    Also, when you are bringing your tuna home from the market, keep it cool throughout the trip. Tuna shouldn’t be left unrefrigerated for long.
•    Tuna is best bought within the late spring season to early fall, though the frozen versions can be purchased all round the year.
•    Also, it is advisable to settle for unthawed frozen tuna fillets than the thawed ones because, that way, you can easily determine the freshest fish.
Storing tuna
Now that you have brought the tuna home, take it out from the packaging, rinse it with cold water and pat it dry.
•    Then, refrigerate the fish for two days, covered with some crushed ice. Wrap the fish in a foil or a cling wrap and place it in the coldest part of your fridge.
•    For an elongated storage for say, several months, there’s a different strategy of storing tuna. Wrap the tuna tight with two layers of lined freezer paper. Then, thaw the fish slowly and store it in the freezer, placed in a covered pan.
•    You can use more than two layers of paper to wrap the tuna. This will store the fish for long. This way, you can store the tunas for 2 to 4 months.
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How To Store Tuna