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How to store green vegetables

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Each vegetable is unique and has its own storage requirements and so, if you know how to store green vegetables properly, you can enjoy them for a long time. Green leafy vegetables include a wide range of vegetables like spinach, coriander, bok choy, broccoli, green peppers, parsley, rocket, lettuce, leek, fenugreek, herbs, watercress and the list goes on and on. Green leafy veggies are good sources of Vitamins, dietary fibers and minerals like iron, magnesium and calcium. It is especially challenging with green vegetables because they are hard to keep fresh for long. Ideally, green vegetables are eaten within 1 to 2 days of purchasing. That’s because; after that, the vegetables start becoming watery and soggy. This makes them lose a great deal of vitamins at a fast rate.
Instructions for storing green vegetables
If you follow my instructions on how to store green vegetables, you can have them with you for more than four weeks. Read on and discover how….storing-green-vegetables
Picking the right greens
When you are buying your green leafy vegetables pay attention to the quality of your purchase. I would always recommend you to settle for the veggies which have a bright green color, look fresh and are crispy. 
Blot away the excess moisture
Always make it a point to wrap your green veggies with a paper towel. The paper towel would absorb the excess moisture and water from the leafy vegetables and keep them dry. That will make sure that your veggies store for a longer time. After all, too much moisture can make them rot fast.
Rinse the veggies well
I know you must have been waiting for this instruction as if to say “if we already wrap them, when do we wash them, or don’t we?” Well, you definitely should wash your green leafy vegetables as you already know, but, not before you wrap them. That means if you have plans for storing green vegetables for a long time, you should keep them dry as best as possible. So, rinse them only before you are about to cook them.
Cover them with plastic
Even after you have wrapped your green leafy vegetables well with paper towel wraps, you have to go that extra mile, to place them in separate plastic vegetable storage bags. Only after you have done that, take them to store in the refrigerator. I would never advise you to store green leafy vegetables in a freezer since that way, your veggies will be robbed off their freshness and aroma.
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How To Store Green Vegetables