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How to store cooked meat

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There are times, when the meat you have cooked becomes extra even after you have eaten some, and you just don’t understand what best way to keep it. So, if you know how to store cooked meat in the right way, there will be no tensions of food poisoning and the flavor can be preserved for long. Learning how to store cooked meat is not just about keeping your meat in the right place, but also, how long to keep it. Food safety is the prime concern when storing food items, and so, follow these golden rules and learn how to store cooked meat in the safest way –
Instructions on how to store cooked meat –storing-cooked-meat
For specific cooked meats
If you have cooked casseroles or prepared minced meat, then refrigerate the dish immediately after it has cooled down and reached a normal room temperature. However, if you are in some sort of hurry and wish to cool down the meat fast, then, place the food in the shallow container and then refrigerate or freeze it. Leftovers of meat roasts and meats that have been barbequed are best stored in the fridge as fast as possible, avoiding much delay.
Freezing cooked meat
Meat casseroles and stews are best stored in the freezer. The same is true for minced meat dishes like meatballs in sauce and pasta meat sauce. However, if you have meatloaf to store or you are planning to store a fully cooked braised meat, then freezing them wouldn’t be the best thing to do. This is because; these cooked meats have very less sauce and so freezing would dry up the entire sauce.
Storing cooked meat in containers
If you are cooking large quantities of meat and would like to store them for the coming days, then arrange a series of cake tins or similar containers and strong plastic bags. Then, put the meals into each of these containers and pack them inside the plastic bags. Seal the bags, label and put them in the freezer. When the meat is frozen, remove it from the container and then reseal. This will expel the air from inside the container and preserve the cooked meat for a longer time. You can trust aluminum foil trays and plastic made ice cream containers for packing and freezing cooked meat. In this way, minced meat, meatballs, sauced meat and meat casseroles can be stored frozen for up to three months.
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How To Store Cooked Meat