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How to store celery

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People have been consuming celery for hundred years now, but, how many of us really know how to store celery the right way? Celery is a healthy vegetable that comes loaded with bulk fiber and you can purchase it in bulk at low cost to store it for the coming days. The truth is that, whether you have an abundant growth of the delicious vegetable at your home garden or you have purchased it in bulk, you can keep celery for a long time if you know how to store celery in a proper manner.


Tips and strategies on how to store celery

Most people believe that celery, just like any other vegetable, should be stored in the refrigerator. But the truth is, celery, when refrigerated becomes limp in a matter of few days. Though you can use the vegetable happily even after it goes limp, the difference is only that you will not like it the same way as you would relish fresh and crisp celery, especially if you eat it raw. But, the good news is, there is an excellent technique of storing celery which will ensure that this beautiful green veggie remains fresh for a long time.


Things needed

For storing celery, keep handy plastic zippered bags, paper towels and aluminum foil.


Choosing the best quality celery

One of the first things you need to learn before knowing how to store celery, is, choosing the freshest vegetable. If your garden has celery herbs, you can pick them fresh. Otherwise look for them in the market. Notice the stem of the celery and check if there are any streaks, brown spots or rust color. If yes, don’t go for it. Go for celery stems which are whitish. The stems should feel firm and should be tightly bundled. Limp stalks aren’t fresh.


Cutting and washing

Separate the stems from the herb and discard the base, secondary branches and leafy parts. Then, rinse the celery very well in cold water. Rub your fingers on the stalks to remove the sticky dirt and pesticides. Then dry the stalks by rolling them on a towel.


Wrapping and storing

Gather the cleaned and dried celery stalks and wrap them well in a paper towel or aluminum foil and place them in a plastic bag. Squeeze out the air from the bag and then seal it with the zip. Then, refrigerate the celery. This will store the stalks fresh for up to 6 months.

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How To Store Celery