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How to store cabbage

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The green leafy cabbage is a popular addition in soups, casseroles, salads and stews. If you want to keep this veggie fresh for a long time, learn how to store cabbage. Cabbages come in a wide range of shapes and each come in different seasons. Though in some countries, cabbages are grown all round the year. A single cabbage head with its tight compact leaves can weigh anything between 1 to 8 lbs. You have to know how to store cabbage properly, so that, you can preserve its maximum flavor. Only when you learn how to store cabbage the right way, can you slow down its metabolic processes which in turn, slows down the deterioration of the plant cells, preserving its texture, flavor and quality for a long time.storing-cabbages
Things you need
For storing cabbage, you will need a paring knife, a colander, zippered storage bags and a refrigerator.
Choosing cabbages
Before I tell you how to store cabbage, I would like to give you some good ideas of picking a nice healthy cabbage. When you are purchasing cabbages, make sure you settle for the ones which have uniform color with compact leaves. Inspect the bottom of the vegetable very well and watch out for rotting signs. If the outer leaves of your leafy vegetable are pulling outwards from the stem, it indicates, the cabbage has passed its prime.
Clean the cabbages
Separate the wilting outer leaves from the head of the cabbage and with the help of a paring knife cut off the core sitting at the base of the vegetable. Wash the cabbage in cold water and place it in the colander for the water to drain out.
Place them in storage bags
Pack the drained cabbage in a zippered vegetable storage bag. If you don’t have a zippered bag, you can wrap the cabbage in a plastic cling bag and do it in a manner that it restricts all air flow. The lack of oxygen flow will postpone the cellular respiration of the vegetable and slow the spoilage. Moreover, the plastic will protect the cabbage from drying away or wilting. The moisture retained within the plastic cover will keep your vegetable fresh and crisp.
Transfer the plastic sealed cabbages to the refrigerator and store them at a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Firm red and green cabbages can be stored for up to 2 weeks in this way. Napa and Savoy cabbages will last for a week when stored in this manner.
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How To Store Cabbage