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How to Store Bacon

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Storing bacon

The taste of bacon is great only when fresh – something that depends a lot on knowing how to store bacon in the correct process.How you store bacon depends on the kind of meat you buy. 

Storing Packaged Sliced Bacon

If you are buying packaged sliced bacon, then you can store them in unopened vacuum-sealed packages in the refrigerator. This is quite an effective way of storing bacon. You can actually store bacon for even a week after the expiration date by following this process. However, ensure that if you have once opened the packaging, re-store the bacon by tightly wrapping it in foil or a zip-lock bag and consume it within 7 days.

Storing Sealed Package of Bacon

If you have bought a sealed package of bacon, you can easily freeze them for a month. You can separate the package into individual portions before freezing, so that it becomes easier for you to thaw and serve as per your requirement. Ensure that they are tightly wrapped in a plastic bag, followed by a wrap of aluminum foil. This would keep the bacon fresh and at the same time avoid any kind of freezer burn.

Storing Slab Bacon

Storing slab bacon follows a similar technique as storing the other forms. To store slab bacon, wrap it tightly in plastic wraps and store it in the refrigerator.

Storing  bacon

This can be stored for several weeks. However, you may find the ends darkening or drying out. So, chop off such ends before using the bacon.

How fresh your stored slab bacon is, depends a lot on the freshness of the meat when you have actually bought it. Slab bacon is normally higher on fat content and has a lot of salt in it, which in turn, tends to make the bacon rancid very easily when frozen. Therefore, freezing or storing slab bacon is not really recommended.


Storing Cooked Bacon

All the bacon-lovers must have wondered at least once in their lifetime as to how to store cooked bacon. Storing cooked bacon is a great idea. Cooked bacon not only saves your time, it extends its own freezer life as well. To store cooked bacon, you need to follow a few simple tricks. Cook the bacon to a degree below its normal cooking level. Then drain it on paper towels and let it cool. Now, seal it in a plastic bag and refrigerate. In this way, you can save cooked bacon for almost five days.

You can also freeze cooked bacon. For this, wrap up individual portions in paper towels. Then place these portions in a zip-loc bag. Place them in a freezer and let them freeze.

The advantages of storing cooked ham in this way are numerous. It stays fresh for a longer time – almost six weeks. You can also use frozen cooked ham directly on the pan. Thus, you neither waste time on thawing it nor do you need to plan it in advance. You can also simply microwave it for just 30 seconds and it is ready. This is therefore, just the right thing for people who have sudden guests coming in, or who have the love for bacon, but no time for cooking it.  

Thus, storing bacon is actually quite simple. All you need to do is, know the right techniques and follow these simple steps.

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How To Store Bacon