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How to store Leftover Pasta

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Often while cooking pasta it happens that more quantity is cooked than actually needed but there is no need to worry, instead of throwing you can store the leftover for reuse later. If you feel the paste more than required, apply about two to three teaspoons of oil on the leftover pasta so that it do not stick together while it is still warm.  Then, place it in an air tight container. Remember, to close the container only when the pasta has cooled down. Before you close it check that pasta does not stick together. 

For reuse, it can be reheated in boiling water. All you have to do is to drop it for less than a minute. Do not heat it longer.  

To store it in freezer, set the temperature below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Leftover pasta stored like this can be kept safe for a longer period. To keep its flavor, pasta should not be defrosted and must be consumed as quickly as possible. It must be borne in mind that the defrosted pasta should be used once and for all. That means do not restore defrosted pasta. This way change in flavor will be less or negligible. So, before defrosting it check the right amount required for preparation of the dish.

Leftover pasta used to make new recipe altogetherAlthough it is important to store food to lessen wastage, it is equally important to know whether the leftover food is good or has already gone bad. Pasta is one of the foods which should not be stored for more than two days in refrigerator. When you decide to use it, check if it worth using. Your three senses-eyes, nose and fingers help you with this. Signs of spoilage include abnormal odor, discoloration, or slimy texture. Besides, the containers used for storing pasta should be washed and cleaned properly. Right level of hygiene must be maintained in the kitchen and while cooking, 

Few recipes and tips for using pasta:

Leftover pasta can be used into a new recipe by adding a new pasta sauce. Or maybe something like macaroni with spaghetti sauce left night a day before. This leftover pasta can also be used in pasta salad and baked pasta recipes. 

Another way to reuse pasta or noodles is to stir fry it with vegetables or chicken or boiled eggs in oil with some spices and seasoning of your choice. Add pasta in the end to help not break it. There are many other ways, leftover pasta can be utilized. Use it in soups or salads or even main dishes

Store your excesses pasta in refrigerator or the freezer for later use. The selection whether it is to be refrigerated or frozen should be done based on when pasta is to be used. For immediate use next morning, refrigerate it and for use in two or three weeks’ time put in freezer. The container or plastic bag you use should be air tight barring any outside contamination. Vacuum only helps in keeping food fresh for longer. 

Don’t forget, next time you have leftover pasta, store it and use it again with new and exciting recipes. 

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How To Store Leftover Pasta