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How To Store Measuring Spoons

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Measuring cups and spoons are a chef’s friends in need indeed. They eliminate the need to ascertain the exact measure of ingredients that go into a recipe for a chef. You have the proportions and the spoons are there to give you the items in place. Life can get even easier when you have the knack of how to store measuring spoons.

Measuring SpoonsMeasuring spoons are available in most super –markets or grocery stores. They can even be ordered and purchased online. Measuring spoons with specific markings must be chosen.  Normally they are available in the ranges 1-4 made of metal, plastic, ceramic or glass and in varied designs.

Measuring spoons are best for using to measure dry ingredients in a recipe.  If the exact measure of the spoon’s quantity is required, then the ingredient must be packed to the level of the spoon with the help of a knife.

It is better to store measuring spoons together.  Plastic measuring spoons come with a ring that can be inserted in the holes on the handles of the spoons to be attached together.  If the spoons do not have fastening rings, then they must be kept together in a box, bag or kitchen draw.

It is also preferable to maintain separate sets of measuring spoons for using to measure different nature of ingredients. Example a separate set for powders and a separate set for semi-solid ingredients like butter.

After use they must be cleaned with a dishwashing liquid and a sponge thoroughly. If the spoons have stains or remains of grease, hot water and a dash of lime juice can also be used for washing. The spoons must be wiped and placed in a clean dry place or in a clean dry kitchen rack.

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How To Store Measuring Spoons